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Site last updated on 12/01/2017

Fort  Sutter  Racing  Pigeon  Club
proudly presents some outstanding birds from one of
the legends of the sport

Chic Brooks of Hapyco Loft


When:   December 9th (Saturday) 2017

The Fort Sutter Clubhouse
  3235 23rd Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95820

Birds on display:  9:30 AM       Auction: 11:00 AM

Lunch to follow the auction

All paid birds not picked up at the auction will be shipped out
as soon as possible (most likely Monday December 11th)

Chic Brooks has spent over 70 years breeding some of the top racing birds to be found anywhere. He has spared no expense when introducing new birds to his program and you will find many of his very best in the pedigrees of the Hapyco Family birds.

Chic is sending some special birds to this auction, including key breeders directly out of his breeding loft. One of these is a direct son of his best breeder of all time, the “Deb Ray Cock” (Lot 4) and another is a double grandson of 1st National Ace Pigeon “Dream Boy” (Lot 26). There are three additional lots of “Dream Boy” breeding (Lots 5, 12 and 33). There are seven lots of purebred De Klak Janssens, one of the  best performing  importations of all time for Hapyco (Lots 1, 3, 11, 15, 22, 31 and 37). There are three birds down from the Van Loon greats “Senna” and the “La Verne Cock” (Lots 6, 23 and 34) and there is one lot of almost entirely Lumachi Janssen breeding (Lot 8).  There are four birds that are from the magic mating that has bred many of Chic's money winners in the One Loft Races of the last few years (Lots 7, 13, 24 and 35). There is a money winner from a 350 mile One Loft Race (Lot 14). To top it off, Chic is including the first 100% Art Hees bird that he has offered for sale (Lot 2).

Pay particular attention to the seven De Klak birds in the auction. These are 100% bred down from De Klak bred birds. Chic attended De Klak's estate sale shortly after his death and spent well into six figures to procure 5 pair of these highly sought after birds. He was after the famous 613 lines and particularly “Pretty One” who was a daughter of “De 613”. They fly very well straight or crossed. As an example, Jim Gabler placed 63rd in the Sun City Million South Africa (with only 144 birds on the day out of 3,155 pigeons shipped).  The bird was bred directly from a Hapyco DeKlak hen. There may not be many more opportunities to get birds this close to the estate sale birds.

Click here to go to the Fort SutterRacing Pigeon Club web site for auction and bird details.

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