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banditIn the late eighties, Hapyco Lofts of California (Chic Brooks and Brad Laverne) went to Europe in search of a top family of sprint birds. With the assistance of Piet and Henk de Weerd, they focused only on lofts that were considered the very best sprint lofts in Europe. Their top choice was the loft of Julien Janssens. In 1987 they imported the “White Bandit” (from the Old Bird Team), “Tonto” (from the Young Bird Team) and ten hens, including “Juliena” (the dam of “White Bandit”). In 1989 Julien Janssens passed away and his son Roland carried on with the pigeons. At that time, Hapyco Lofts were able to import 5 additional cocks from Julien’s Old Bird Team along with three flown hens. These two importations of 7 cocks and 13 hens were called by Piet de Weerd, the finest group of sprint birds he had ever seen leave the country. Since then, Hapyco Lofts have imported over 100 additional birds from Roland Janssens.

Hapyco Lofts have been extremely successful with these birds. Straight or crossed, they have won countless races and awards for both Hapyco and their many clients over the past 28 years.

Over the years, Chic has kept most of these birds straight, but on occasion he bred some to the very best of his other pigeons. They are available today in either of two sub-families, straight bred Julien and Roland Janssens and the Hapyco Bandits. While purchased as a sprint family, they have won more than their fair share of middle and long distance races, especially as the Hapyco Bandit family.


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